Specificities Of Using Bitcoins In Online Casinos

Published on June 8 2019



There has been a recent hype over the usage of Bitcoins in online casinos in recent times. While looking for a Bitcoin online casino New Zealand players have also been exploring the various options of acquiring Bitcoins. These options include offering services in return for Bitcoins, creating a wallet, and purchasing them off the market or from a friend.

Advantages of Using Bitcoins

There multiple benefits of using Bitcoins for online games. First, you can remain anonymous as you are not required to provide any personal information while playing. Second, transactions take place at a much faster rate. Third, lower transaction fees are required. Fourth, the usage of Bitcoins may give you access to exclusive promotions. Fifth, it is more secured. Lastly, it is tax-free. In other words, you are not required to pay any taxes on your winnings.

Disadvantages of Using Bitcoins

With advantages come disadvantages as well. First, the price of Bitcoin is volatile, and hence, the value of it fluctuates according to market sentiments. Second, for people who are not tech-savvy, you might require a bit of time to get used to using Bitcoins. Third, there still remains a large amount of uncertainty in the world on the regulation of Bitcoins or cryptocurrencies in general.

Getting Started

So now you are interested in using Bitcoins for your online games. Primarily, you will need to have a wallet that will allow you to purchase Bitcoins and safeguard it. Next, you will have to source for a reputable online casino operator that enables the usage of Bitcoins for their games. Some consideration in selecting the operator includes its reputation. You do not want to be losing your Bitcoins to some dubious operator. Finally, of course, you should also consider their reputation in terms of the user interface, administrative support, variety of games, and possible promotions that the operator is offering. Ultimately, similar to everything else, you should be doing your due diligence before plunging into something that you were previously unfamiliar with.


There are still several technological complexities by incorporating cryptocurrencies in online casinos. However, given the progress and speed that blockchain technology is developing at, it is almost sure that cryptocurrency will be the way ahead and we can be expecting more online casinos to be jumping onto the bandwagon. So it will be useful to start exploring the usage of Bitcoins in funding your online games.

Written by Justin Frogs

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