Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Different Countries

Published on May 8 2019

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Different Countries

Given the rise of online gambling all over the world, it is little wonder that governments of various countries have stepped up their regulations on online betting. Here, I will be illustrating the regulations imposed on various trustworthy online gambling sites all over the world.

New Zealand

Given the proliferation of New Zealand online casinos, it is shocking that online casinos are actually strictly prohibited under the law. However, this prohibition is limited to only regional NZD casinos. In other words, Kiwis will still be able to access foreign online betting sites.


In Australia, there are only two permissible categories of betting services: Lottery and sports betting. Australian companies are also not allowed to promote betting services to locals. Nevertheless, Australians are still able to access online betting platforms similar to their Kiwi counterparts.


The US currently prohibits bank transactions involving Americans and online betting platforms. This has resulted in multiple online casinos shunning American players. However, there is no specific outlawing of online casinos.


One of the very few countries that legalize online gambling, companies are allowed to offer betting services to UK citizens. The only requirement is that players need to possess the UK Gambling Commission License.


Spain has gradually eased up its laws on online gambling. Over the years, it has increased the number of issued licenses to gambling operators over the years. This deregulation has also led to the loosening of its control over online slots. Nevertheless, Spain remains one of the few countries where sports betting dominates 50% of the online betting market.


Online gambling is generally legal throughout Canada. However, it gets pretty ambiguous since there is no law specifying whether online betting is legitimate or not. As a result, some online platforms do not accept Canadian players in fear of flouting any Canadian law.


Given the state’s tight control of gambling, it is unsurprising that online betting is not permitted in China. Furthermore, the state is ramping up its combat against online gambling and has even released authorities on personnel suspected of operating online gambling platforms. China’s Great Firewall also prevents locals from accessing foreign betting websites, and anyone caught breaching these laws are liable for arrest. One way to bypass these laws would be through the usage of cryptocurrencies, digital wallets to fund your games rather than relying on bank transactions.


Players all over the world are generally still able to gain access to online betting platforms all over the world despite several local regulations. Remember to only bet on trustworthy websites.

Written by Justin Frogs

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